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Tyler Horst Media in Philadelphia, PA is hiring a Post-Production Sound Mixer for a feature-length music documentary (approx. 75 minutes). Must be able to mix interview audio, nat sound, live music recordings, and music beds into a smooth, cohesive whole. Deadline for completion is late April 2017. In your email, please give your rate for the work described. All applicants must also include a sample of previous work. Applicants need not live in the Philadelphia area to apply, but applicants in the Philadelphia area are preferred.

Film Synopsis:
Dutchcore (Working Title) is the unlikely true story of how an underground metalcore scene took root in the farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In this quiet, conservative locale, a young community developed its own culture around its commitment to this angry, abrasive, and passionate style of music. What started as an underground youth scene found unlikely support from parents, community members, and even local churches; it grew into a thriving creative movement that produced bands that became international trendsetters. Featuring interviews with past and present members of August Burns Red, Texas in July, This or the Apocalypse, and more, Dutchcore explores how “Amish Country” became a hotbed for heavy music.

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