1. Insert a fully charged battery into the camera
  2. Insert a fresh SDHC card into the SD card slot
  3. Turn the GPS switch on the back right of the camera to OFF
  4. Flip open the LCD screen on the top
  5. Flip open the Lens Hood button
  6. Turn the camera on
  7. Reset the camera
    1. Take a pin and press it into the reset slot on the top of the camera
    2. Enter in your current time zone and then press the EXEC key 
    3. Next choose whether or not it is daylight savings time, scroll with the arrow keys and press EXEC to choose
    4. Enter the date, year first, then month,  day and time. Scroll with the arrow keys and press EXEC to choose
    5. Congrats, the camera is reset. Next wipe the card
  8. Format the SDHC Card
    1. Press the MODE button
    2. Scroll to MANAGE MEDIA and press EXEC
    3. Scroll to MEDIA FORMAT and press EXEC
    4. Choose the card slot containing your SDHC card, the top slot is A and bottom is B and press EXEC
    5. At the Format? All data will be deleted screen, scroll down to YES and press EXEC
    6. At the Are you sure? screen, scroll to YES and press EXEC
  9. Fine tune the NX5U for 1080p24 operations
      1. Properly set your recording settings
      2. Press the MENU key, scroll down to REC/OUT SET and press EXEC
      3. Scroll to REC SET and press EXEC 
      4. Make sure you record HD to the card at the  HD/SD SET option, press exec
        1. Always choose HD/HD and press EXEC
      1. Choose your recording format by scrolling down to REC Format and press EXEC
      1. If you want the best 1080p24 signal possible, choose HD 1080/24p FX and press EXEC
        1. Quality is ranked best to worst : FX, FH, HQ, HP
      1. At the Completed. screen, press Menu
  10. Next lets configure the shutter speed, iris/aperture, white balance and focal length
    1. Change your shutter speed by pressing the Shutter Speed button on the left side of the camera. Scroll with the scroll wheel to your desired value and then press in on the scroll wheel. Typically with 24p, it is set to 48
    2. Change your aperture to the desired F stop by moving the iris ring (the ring to the left of the EXMOR 3mos logo). Open the iris by moving the ring counter clockwise and close it by rotating it clockwise.
      1. If the camera seems really dark with a wide open iris, check your ND Filter setting on the left side of the camera and make sure it’s off
      2. If the camera seems extremely bright with a nearly closed iris, check your GAIN settings on the left side of the camera and make sure the gain dial is at L for low
      3. You can press the Zebra key on the left side of the camera to bring up zebras to check for overexposure
    3. Set your white balance. There’s two ways
      1. Auto White Balance
        1. The first way is to use the auto white balance setting. Press the WHT BAL button so the auto white balance option shows up on screen. It’s two triangles to the right of the shutter speed icon on the LCD screen
        2. Underneath the WHT BAL button there is a dial, so change it to A
        3. Aim your camera at the desired white object and press the button to the right of the Preset, A, B white balance switch
      2. Direct Kelvin Entry
        1. The other way is to directly enter the white balance value in kelvin
        2. Change the Preset, A, B white balance switch to Preset
        3. Press Menu
        4. Scroll to Camera Set and press EXEC
        5. Scroll down to WB PRESET and press EXEC
        6. Scroll to change the value to MANU WB TEMP and press EXEC
        7. Scroll down to WB TEMP SET and press EXEC 
        8. Scroll up or down to enter in the proper white balance temperture and press EXEC when you are happy
    4. There are 3 ways to change the focal length of the lens on the camera
      1. You can rotate the middle ring to change focal length
      2. You can also use the zoom rocker on the right side of the camera
      3. The top handle of the camera also has a zoom rocker. Adjust the speed by changing the FIX, VAR, OFF Switch
        1. Fix means the zoom will always be constant
        2. VAR means the zoom will be faster if you press the rocker in more
        3. OFF means the top rocker is disabled
    5. The front ring is your focusing ring. Make sure the focus settings on the left side of the camera are set to MAN for manual operation.
      1. You can press the Expanded Focus button on the right side of the camera to digitally punch in on the image for easier focusing
  11. If you are routing audio into the camera, the XLR ports are on the top front right of the camera
    1. Adjust the input types for Line, Mic or Mic + 48V by lifting the plastic up behind the XLR ports and flipping the switches to the desired value
    2. Make sure you change the Input buttons on the left side
      1. For channel 1, you can choose Input 1 for XLR 1 or INT MIC for the internal mic
      2. For audio channel 2, you can choose INT MIC for the internal mic, INPUT 1 to re-record XLR one as a backup or INPUT 2
    3. Adjust the audio level by using the knobs on the left side of the camera
    4. You can also choose if you want to manually mix audio or place it in auto mix mode
  12. Press the RECORD button when you are ready to roll