This guide outlines how to inject the Marvels color profile into the EX1EX1R, & EX3.

The Marvels profile gives the camera more latitude in the highlights and raises the blacks so you won’t crush/overexpose as easily. When you’re shooting, the image will appear to be much more grey and milky; this is normal. Use the histogram to ensure the mass of the graph is not being crushed in the blacks or overexposed in the whites. Remember, a desaturated grey image is good.

Color profile injections only work with the camera model they were originally programmed with, so you cannot program it in on an EX1R and reload it on an EX1. They are camera model specific.

Drexel CineTV recommends the use of the Marvels EX Standard Profile.

Color Profile SXS Loading Procedure

  1. Log onto a computer with an SXS card and card reader plugged in
  2. Delete anything on the card and empty the trash
    1. Download the camera-specific Marvels from the drivers section
  3. Open the .Zip file and place the SONY folder on the root of the SXS card
  4. Eject the card from OSX Finder and prepare to inject the profile onto the EX camera

Color Profile Injection onto the EX1R

Color profile injections only work with the camera model they were originally programmed with, so you cannot program it in on an EX1R and reload it on an EX1. They are camera model specific.

  1. Reset the camera to default settings
    1. Hit the Menu button
    2. Scroll down and click Others
    3. Click All Reset
    4. Scroll and click execute
  2. Inject the color profile settings to the camera
    1. Pop in the SXS card with the color profile loaded on it
    2. Hit the Picture Profile button on the back fo the camera
    3. Click SEL and scroll down to click PP1:STANDARD
    4. Scroll down and click SET
    5. Scroll down and click PP Data
    6. Scroll down and click Recall
    7. Scroll down and click Execute
    8. Click the Picture Profile button
  3. Shoot some mind blowing video
  4. Color grade with DaVinci Resolve

Color Profile Injection onto the EX3/EX1

The EX1/3 color profile injection is quite different from the EX1R because it saves all of the settings of the camera along with the colorimetry values. Here is how to recall and store camera data on a PMW-EX3.

  1. Recall the stored camera settings preloaded on a SXS Card
    1. Turn the camera on and into Camera mode
    2. Hit the Menu button
    3. Scroll down to Others and press the Set button
    4. Scroll down to Camera Data and press the Set button
    5. Scroll to Recall and press the Set button
  2. Shoot some mind blowing video
  3. Color grade with DaVinci Resolve

Manuals and Drivers

Marvels EX1 Download
Marvels EX1R Download
Marvels EX3 Download

Marvels Source Info