Screenwriter 6.5 Updates

moviemagicPlease note that Movie Magic Screenwriter 6.5 will not work with Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina, which is set to be released in September. Movie Magic is currently working on a free upgrade, the details of which can be found here. The CineTV labs will not be effected by these changes.


cc-icon-3With the installation of Adobe CC 2019 in the CineTV labs, there is now a new process for licensing all Adobe software. All students must login to Adobe CC prior to using any Adobe program. If you already have a username and password for a personal account, you can use your current credentials. Please note that this will not effect any subscription plan you have with Adobe. If you do not have an Adobe account, you will have to create one. You can do so by clicking here

Media Composer Down!

1200px-Avid_logo_purple_2017.svgDue to an issue with the floating license server, Avid Media Composer is temporarily unavailable on all lab computers. Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve the issue.

UPDATE: Media Composer is back up and running. If you experience any additional problems, please be sure to report them. 

Hold Off on AMC 2018 Upgrade!

avid-facebook-thumb-22Some students have reported compatibility issues between Avid Media Composer 2018 and previous versions. We are working to find a solution, but it is recommended that you hold off on upgrading until the issue is resolved. Stay tuned for more updates.

Free Weekly Film Series

CinemathequeLogoThe Cinema & Television Department is proud to present the Drexel Cinematheque, a free weekly film series featuring films handpicked by the Cinema & Television faculty. Screenings are held every Monday night at 7PM in the Crosland Screening Room (UCROSS 030). You can check out the full schedule here.

Free Drinking Buddies Screening with Director Joe Swanberg

bbW0IzXz4Qbjqz1Y0vIX9lDWuV1There will be a free screening of Drinking Buddies with Director Joe Swanberg on Monday, January 14th at 7PM in University Crossings 028. You can watch the trailer here. There will be additional screenings and workshops with Joe Swanberg on Monday, January 14th and Tuesday, January 15th. Stop by University Crossings 057 for more details. 

The Roast of Rachel Prettyman

Roast of Rachel Prettyman

Come see Cinema & Television student Rachel Prettyman get roasted by her peers! The roast will take place on Thursday, January 10th at 7:15PM in the Large Screening Room (UCROSS 028). Doors open at 6:15PM, and there is a $4 admission fee. All proceeds will go towards Rachel Prettyman’s senior film Spare Me.