Drexel Film & Video Majors have access to a wide array of camera equipment that is constantly being updated. Film & Video students begin learning the art of cinematography with the 1080p Canon T3i DSLR during their first term at Drexel and gain access to numerous other cameras, such as the Red One, as they progress through their journey at Drexel. All cameras come stocked with equipment needed to shoot, such as batteries and recording media, so can students simply sign out the gear and shoot their projects.

Drexel also houses industry standard equipment, such as the Steadicam Scout, PeWee Dolly and a 16 foot robotic jib, so that students can tell their cinematic stories without inhibition.

Grip and Electric

Drexel Film & Video majors have access to a wide array of grip and electric tools that grant them the ability to use light and shadow to express their vision. Students begin flying lights during their first term at Drexel and hone in their craft with an intermediate lighting class during the sophomore year.

Production Audio

A good film starts with good sound, so Drexel Film & Video is home to a large collection of audio equipment for student use. During their freshman year, students take an audio field production course to learn the applications of various microphone types and recording techniques.

Drexel Film & Video stocks numerous audio accessories, such as zeppelins, boompoles, cables, and mixers, so that students can become familiar industry-standard gear that they will use for the rest of their careers.