The Western Digital Playback boxes can accept several of formats. The Drexel supported codec is H.264 due to wide usage, high quality and ease of encoding. The following guide will instruct you how to encode with Adobe Media Encoder.

Want to show SXS cards from the EX1/R/3, NXCAM cards or Canon DSLR cards? Just hook up a card reader to the USB port of the Western Digital TV box, and you’re good to go with no encoding needed.

Students are responsible for encoding footage and making sure it plays back properly on a computer after encoding.

Having problems? Shoot Chip an email (

Footage from the Canon T3i does not need to be converted!


Encoding High Definition Footage using Adobe Media Encoder

  1. Export your footage from Avid. Premiere people can export via “File > Export > Media” and skip to step 2.4.
  2. Encode your footage in Adobe Media Encoder
    1. Launch Adobe Media Encoder
    2. Import your footage
      1. Make sure the file you’re importing has a file extension, like .MOV
    3. Drag your file over the “Queue” pane in Adobe Media Encoder.
    4. Make sure your settings look like the following:
      1. Adobe Media Encoder Export Settings
    5. Set the Output location to your external hard drive.
    6. Click the green triangle to start encoding.
  3. Copy your file to the appropriate folder on AWexpress when the export is finished.