The success of a film shoot often relies on the support of the surrounding community. In light of this, it’s a good idea to be aware of the eco-friendly resources available through Drexel University and the city of Philadelphia that you can make use of while on set. Being conscious of the environment is more important now than ever. The resources below will help you take the first steps to making your film set more eco-friendly.

Campus Resources

Drexel University supports single stream recycling (glass, paper, and plastic all in one bin), making recycling while on set easier than ever. If you’re shooting on campus, you can arrange for Drexel Facilities to drop off recycling bins at your set location, and can schedule a time to have them picked up. All you have to do is put in a work request with Drexel Facilities, which you can do here. Even if your shoot is off campus, you can receive clear recycling bags from Drexel Facilities to use while on set, and can arrange to drop them off afterwards at Caneris Hall. Call Drexel Facilities at 215.895.1700 or send an email to facilities@drexel.edu for more information. 

Philadelphia Resources

The city of Philadelphia has several drop-off centers where you can bring your recyclables. You can find a list of drop-off locations here. If you have unopened leftover food from craft services that no one wants, consider donating it to the non-profit food bank Philabundance. You can learn more about Philabundance here. Lastly, consider saving energy when possible by encouraging eco-friendly practices such as carpooling. You can learn more about saving energy by visiting Philadelphia’s energy website here

Other Resources