Generally speaking, Shot Designer is intended to be used by a single user with multiple devices. In order to adapt to a multiuser environment, several steps must be followed to ensure a smooth workflow.

• After you are done working in your Shot Designer project, click the “save” icon on the bottom right hand of your screen. This will bring you to the main interface.

• Unlike other programs, there is no “save as” feature in Shot Designer. All projects are saved in Documents\Shot Designer Scenes. For quick access, click on the “Share\Sync” icon on the main interface, and then click on “Show Scene Folder.” You will then see all of your saved Shot Designer projects in one location.

• In order to save your project for future edits, you must transfer your project file to a flash drive. Once on your flash drive, you can open your Shot Designer project on any Advanced Post House computer and make additional edits.

• To view your Shot Designer project while on set, you can check out any of the Equipment Room laptops which are all running Shot Designer Pro. You can also access your Shot Designer project on your tablet or smartphone by saving your Shot Designer project on file hosting service such as DropBox and downloading the free Shot Designer App. If your Shot Designer project is small enough, you can also access it on your tablet or smartphone via email.

• Please note that you will only be able to save changes to your project while using the Pro version of Shot Designer. Also, even if you save your Shot Designer project to your flash drive, once you make additional changes your project will be saved back in Documents/Shot Designer Scenes. You must replace the older version on your flash drive with the newer one. Otherwise, you will lose all of your most recent work.