You can use Avid’s Link to AMA Volume command to work with XDCAM EX and other card based formats. Link to AMA volume saves space by not creating MXF files, but instead reads the data from the card structure on your hard drive. The major drawback is that Avid will slow down and not play as smoothly compared to working with MXF’d media. Drexel highly recommends using the Avid Transcode Function after AMA’ing material in order to increase stability.

Drexel Supported Workflows

  • Panasonic P2 Cards
  • XDCAM EX Cards
  • RED One Cards
  • AVCHD cards from Sony HXR-NX5U


  1. Launch Avid Media Composer and initialize your Project
  2. Link to your AMA volume
    1. Click File -> Link to AMA Volume
    2. When the Select the root of the virtual volume pops up, navigate to the folder containing your BPAV folder (for XDCAM), the Contents folder (for P2), the Private folder (for AVCHD) the RDM folder (for Redcode) and hit Choose
  3. Transcode your media to the proper format using Consolidate/Transcode