DNxHD is a great choice due to it’s fantastic lossy compression. This codec is extremely similar to Apple ProRes 422.

Exporting Video

  1. Choose the sequence you want to export, set your in and out points while making sure the tracks you want to export are selected
  2. Right click your sequence and choose Export
  3. Navigate to where you want to export the video and give it a logical name
  4. Chang the dropdown next to Export Setting: to Send to QT Movie
  5. Click Options
  6. Choose your export settings at the Export Settings Screen
    1. Click the Custom button in the top portion of the screen
    2. Next to Custom, choose Format Options
      1. When the Movie Settings screen pops up, choose….
        1. Click Settings
          1. Change the dropdown next to Compression Type, choose Avid DNXHD Codec
          2. Change the dropdown next to Frame Rate to Current
          3. Change the dropdown next to Depth: to Millions of Colors 
            1. Only chose Millions of Colors+ if you need an alpha channel
          4. Next to Color Levels, choose 709 for 16-235 video levels
            1. Choose RGB if you need full swing 0-255 levels
          5. If you do not have an alpha channel, next to Alpha choose None
            1. Choose Compressed or Uncompressed if you have an alpha channel
          6. Change the dropdown next to resolutions to a value that matches your project format
          7. Click OK
        2. Click Size…
          1. Click the dropdown next to Dimensions: and choose the resolution of your timeline
          2. Click OK
        3. Change your sound settings
          1. Make sure the checkmark next to Sound is checked
          2. Click Settings… under sound
          3. Make sure Format: is Linear PCM
          4. Make sure Channels: is equal to how many audio channels are in your project, typically choose Stereo (L R) for stereo
          5. Make sure your Rate: is 48.000 KHz
          6. Make sure the dropdown next to Quality: is set to normal, better, or best
          7. Make sure the Sample Size: is equal to that of your project, either 16 bits or 24 bits
          8. Click OK to get out of sound settings
        4. Click OK to get out of the Movie Settings box
      2. Change the Avid Export settings in the ‘Export settings’ window
        1. Under Video Format change the following
          1. Change the Width X Height to match what you entered into the quicktime settings box
          2. Make sure the Size to Fit box is checked
          3. Change Color Levels to 601/709 (or RGB if previously set in the quicktime box)
          4. Change Display Aspect Ratio to Native Dimensions
        2. Click Save