If you’re working with a codec that’s not supported with AMA or are working on a massive project, use the import function in Media Composer. This transcodes each file into multiple MXFs (audio and video) in a Avid MediaFiles folder on your hard drive. This takes a long time compared to AMA, but the result is an extremely stable and quick project. If you previously AMA’d your footage, you can use the Transcode/Consolidate function to create MXF media for your AMA files.

Locations of files with Drexel Cameras

  • Canon T3i
    • The .MOV quicktime files are located inside DCIM -> xxxCanon -> Your files are inside this folder


  1. Launch Avid Media Composer and initialize your Project
  2. Import your files
    1. Click the new bin button in the project window and give it a logical name
    2. Right click inside the bin and choose import…
    3. Choose the proper settings at the select files to import window
      1. Click the dropdown under resolution
        1. Choose DNxHD 115 for 1080p, or DNxHD 90 for 720p, for most applications if you are doing an online edit
        2. Choose DNxHD 36 if you are doing an offline and will be consolidating to a higher bitrate once you lock picture
        3. Choose HDV 720p MXF if you’re working with files from the JVC Hard drive, DR-HD100
      2. Next to the speaker and screen icon, choose your external drive as this is where the media will import to.
      3. Choose the file you want to import and hit open
        1. The newly created media goes into the Avid MediaFiles folder on the root of the hard drive where you chose to import to.
      4. Importing takes a long time, so plan accordingly and get some sun upstairs.
  3. Edit.

External Links

Video walkthrough of importing into Avid