Getting footage from the JVC HDD into Avid is a breeze. Be sure to use the Import function in Media Composer while choosing HDV MXF to enable fast importing.

How to copy JVC HDD files to the computer and import into Media Composer

  1. Transfer the Files from the JVC HDD to your external hard drive
    1. On the JVC HDD, Plug the firewire cable into the Computer I/o slot, and plug the other end into your Mac
      1. Turn on the JVC HDD
        1. Hit the “Power on” button
    2. Put the JVC HDD into DD drive mode so that it’ll mount on the computer
      1. Use the right arrow button on the JVC and scroll to “HDD Mode”
        1. Use the downward facing arrow and scroll to “DD Drive”
        2. Scroll right
        3. At the “Connect computer then enable bypass” screen, hit “Enable”
    3. At this point, the drive should pop up on your desktop as “FS083004” or something similar
    4. Open it up and look through the folders similar to “20030724-123012-01”
      1. This crazy number is actually a datestamp. YYYYMMDD
    5. Open up some of the videos in MPEG Streamclip to make sure they are the correct ones.
    6. Drag the .M2T files to a location on your personal external hard drive where you’ll be storing the files.
  2. Follow the Avid Importing Workflow to get the files into Avid Media Composer