Capturing JVC 24p material in Avid is just as difficult as FCP. Do yourself a favor and shoot with the JVC Hard Drive


  1. Launch Avid Media Composer and initialize your Project
  2. Prepare for the deck for capture
    1. Open the capture tool
      1. On the top taskbar, hit Tools -> Capture
    2. Configure the Capture tool for HDV
      1. Change your resolution to HDV 720 MXF
        1. Next to Res, click the dropdown menu to HDV720p MXF mode
      2. Configure the deck name and format in Avid
        1. Underneath the play triangle in the bottom left, click the box and choose Auto configure and hit ok to the Are you sure box
        2. Hit OK at the Select tape popup box
        3. Click Generic Edit-Deck-NTSC and choose Adjust Deck
        4. When the Deck Settings box pops up, enter the following info
          1. Click Generic next to device and choose ‘JVC
          2. Click the box next to JVC where it says BR-DV600 and choose BR-HD50U
          3. Click OK
          4. Another select tape box window pops up, click where it says new tape and give it a logical name
  3. Moving through the footage
    1. Create a tape name (if you haven’t already)
      1. Click underneath JVC BR-HD50U
      2. At the Select Tape Box
        1. Click New and enter a tape name in
        2. Click the black box next to your tape name
          1. The select tape box will disappear and your tape name will show up in the Capture tool
    2. Choose your tracks for capture
      1. Make sure VA1A2 and TC are highlighted, if not, simply click it
    3. Choose the bin where you want the logged material to go by clicking the dropdown box next to Bin
    4. Jog through your tape by clicking on the icons under the timecode window, or using the J,K,L keys
      1. The footage will show up in the Record window
  4. Capturing
    1. Enter a clip name next to Name
    2. Rewind 10 seconds before the camera starts rolling on the clip you want to capture
    3. Hit Play
    4. Right as the new clip starts from the previous clip, hit the red capture button in the top left corner
    5. Once the clip ends, Avid will display a Clip Overrun error stating material may be incomplete, just hit keep
    6. Repeat until the whole tape is captured. You must do this clip by clip for 24p material