Working With 1080i60 material in DaVinci Resolve

  1. Launch Resolve and set your Media Storage Volumes
    1. Click DaVinci Resolve on the top taskbar and go to Preferences
    2. Add your video location by clicking the + button under Media Storage Volumes and adding your hard drive with the footage
    3. If you are at the Color suite
      1. Set your Video Capture Hardware to Intensity Pro
      2. Set your Control Panel Type to Tangent Devices Wave
    4. Click Save
    5. Quit the App and Relaunch
  2. Initialize your project for grading
    1. Click your user
    2. Create a new Project
      1. Click the config tab at the bottom
      2. Click the add button under Project List on the bottom left and give it a logical name
    3. Change your project settings in the config tab
      1. Under Timeline Format
        1. Set your timeline resolution to 1920×1080
        2. Set your pixel aspect raio to Square Pixel
        3. Playback framerate to 29.97
        4. Image Processing to 32 bit floating point
        5. Color science is DaVinci YRGB
        6. DO NOT CHECK Enable Field Processing, you do this at the end or else the DaVinci will run slower
      2. Timecode Conform Options
        1. Timecode calculated at 30 frames per second
        2. Check mark Use Drop Frame Timecode
      3. Video Monitoring
        1. Video monitoring format is HD 1080i59.94
    4. Hit Apply to save your config settings
  3. Color Grade your Project
  4. Once graded, go back into the config tab
    1. under Timeline Format, put a check next to enable field processing
  5. Render your project
    1. In the Color Tab, on the top menu, click Session -> Render
    2. In the Render window, change the following
    3. In Easy setup
      1. For Premiere and Final Cut XML, choose Final Cut XML Round-Trip
    4. Make sure Frame Rate is 30
    5. Make sure Output Size is 1920×1080
    6. Make sure Output Type is QuickTime Apple ProRes 422
    7. Make sure Field Processing is checked
    8. Make sure your Destination Path is something logical
    9. Make sure you have a Destination Suffix like DaVinci_Resolve_Renders
    10. Click Render
  6. Immediately save the project
  7. Export XML
    1. Go to the Conform Tab
    2. Click Export and place the file in a logical place
  8. Import XML into NLE of Choice