1. Launch RedCine-X Pro
  2. Change the default preferences in the app
    1. Click RedCine-X Pro in the top taskbar then choose Preferences
    2. Above Master RMD Directory click Change. Create a new folder “called RedCine-X Pro” and hit choose
    3. Make sure and automatically Save RMD Files and Autosave Projects is checked
    4. Click OK
  3. Save you project by clicking File -> Save Project As, name it and place it in the RedCine-X Pro folder
  4. Import a RED Card folder into your project
    1. In the top left corner, click Browser+Project to go into a hybrid viewing mode
    2. Click the triangle next to Devices to expand it and click the hard drive with your footage
    3. Underneath Devices, your hard drive name should pop up, navigate to the folder containing your footage
    4. Import the card folder by right clicking them and choosing Open in new bin
  5. Create an Avid MXF export preset
    1. On the bottom of Redcine, you’ll see tabs for Export, timeline, etc. click Export
    2. On the bottom right window you’ll see icons for a folder, +, – , click the + icon to launch the Export Settings window and rename it Avid MXF
    3. Edit the preset by clicking Edit
      1. In the format tab:
        1. Change the file format to Avid AAD & MXF
        2. Click Setup to change the codec settings
          1. In the Avid Export Settings window, next to Avid Codec, choose 1080p/23.976 DNxHD 36 8-bit
        3. Click OK to close the Avid Export Settings window
      2. Change your debayer settings by clicking Debayer Settings
        1. Generally, change 4k to 1/2 Premium and leave 2k at Full, but if you’re looking to save time, choose 1/8th for 4k and 1/4 for 2k
      3. Change your output location by changing the following:
        1. Make sure Output with Clip Filename to Selected Folder is chosen under Output location
        2. Click Select Output Folder and navigate to your Project folder -> Assets -> and create a new folder calledMXF_Transcodes and click choose
      4. Click OK to save your export settings
      5. Save your project by clicking File->Save Project
  6. Export your current bin of footage
    1. In the top left window, click Project next to Browser+Project
    2. Under the project name, click the folder you want to export
    3. Click File->Export.. and a Export Settings window should pop up
      1. Make sure next to Export Bin is selected, it should have a number inside parenthesis telling you how many clips
      2. Make sure preset is Avid MXF
      3. Click Select Output Folder… and create a new folder inside the MXF_Transcodes folder called MXF_Red_Card_0xxwhere the 0xx denotes what Red Card number it was based off of the original red card folder.
      4. Click OK
      5. Watch the status in the bottom left Export tab
      6. Repeat until all of your cards are transcoded, save frequently.
        1. This takes an ungoldy amount of time, you’ve been warned
  7. Carefully import the MXFs into Avid Media Composer by placing them in the Avid MediaFiles folder