When shooting on the RED Epic or the Red One, you can customize the RED metadata (RMD) to change the appearance of how live footage is displayed. This gives you the option of doing a quick color grade in REDCINE-X and sending that Look back into the camera to shoot all your footage like this. Remember, changes to the RMD is non-destructive, meaning you can change these settings back to normal again in REDCINE-X Pro.

Here’s a video tutorial created by RED

Making a custom look in REDCINE-X Pro

  1. Shoot a small clip on the RED that mostly represents the lighting of your scene.
  2. Safely eject the REDMAG (Red Epic) or SD Card (Red One) from the camera and insert it into the Red Card Reader at your Data Station.
  3. Open REDCINE-X Pro, find the mag in the Devices window, and select the clip you just shot.
  4. Here, you may adjust any of the Image settings (ex. Kelvin, ISO, Contrast, Exposure, etc.) and Curve Settings.
    1. However, any changes made to the Lift, Gamma, and Gain settings (affected by trackballs) do no translate back to the camera.
  5. When satisfied, go to File > Save Current Look for RED ONE or Save Current Look for Epic/Scarlet.
    1. In the root folder of your Redmag, make a new folder titled “looks“.
    2. Open the folder and save the new RMD there.
  6. Safely eject the REDMAG or SD Card and return it to the RED camera.
  7. In the main menu, hit Presets.
    1. Hit the Looks tab. Your new RMD will be in the right “S-SSD\looks:” box.
    2. Hit the left arrow to send the RMD to the “Camera:” box.
    3. Then, hit apply.
  8. Your RMD preset should now be applied to your live image successfully.